Goal Review and Creation

Setting Information Technology Goals

Immune fields IT Professionals to work with existing company management in decision-making roles. We focus on heavily-regulated manufacturers in the medical, defense, and aeronautical fields. Our IT professionals are experienced and trained on systems and implementations relative to these manufacturers – training that enables us to help make great long-term technology decisions that will grow your company.

We do not “just fix” servers, or “just setup systems.” We want to help you develop reasonable, attainable IT goals and then choose hardware and systems that create the greatest possible ROI. This is the best situation for our business and yours – and will lead to mutual growth.

Every service and specialization on this website mentions an exploratory due diligence period, goal setting, testing, and goal realization. These are crucial steps in any effective business process.

We feel the same principles apply to IT that apply to any other department:

  • Company sales and growth goals should be set, and IT plans should follow
  • IT should develop and follow effective processes
  • IT challenges can be managed through effective systems
  • Computers, servers, networks, and software are important company investments

Many companies lack a knowledgeable, on-staff IT decision maker. Computer and system challenges and quickly become overwhelming, especially when band-aid and temporary fixes pile up, without someone in this role. Similar problems can be seen if a company lacks a knowledgeable Marketing, Sales, or Engineering Director: things are handled on a day-to-day, fix-it-as-it-comes basis with no vision or plan.

These are questions we will ask. We look forward to answering them together:

  • What are your current sales?
  • Where do you want sales to be in a year? Two years? Five?
  • What is your current head count?
  • Total employees in a year? Two years? Five?
  • How many employees want remote access?
  • How many employees need remote access?
  • What is your current connection speed?
  • What speeds are available?
  • What is the ROI on a faster connection?
  • Do all of your servers run the same system?
  • Are parts available?
  • Do all of your computers run the same system?
  • Are spares available?
  • Do all of your employees run the same version of business-crucial software?
  • Is access to software reducing productivity?
  • What is the ROI on software?
  • How are your files stored? How are they organized? Who has access? Who needs access?
  • Is file access speed and storage limiting productivity? Is lack of file organization limiting productivity?
  • How are you tracking change history? Version control? Audit trail?
  • Are you using an EDMS? Is it working?
  • Is customizing your current EDMS appropriate? Is there a more modern solution?
  • Have you “moved past” Quickbooks?
  • Are you using an ERP? Is it working? Is data sharing between your ERP and other systems?
  • Are you using a CRM? A SRM? Are they working? Is data sharing between your CRM, SRM, and other systems?
  • Is the operating speed of your ERP, CRM, EDMS limiting productivity?
  • Are you planning to move?
  • What is the wiring layout of your new space? Is it future proof? 10gbps? Fiber?
  • What is the wireless situation? Controller situation?
  • What do you want to accomplish?