Complete System Evaluation

Complete System Evaluation

The only way to build a successful long-term contracting arrangement is to quickly move past evaluation and assessment and on to ROI. A contractor must be able to quickly analyze key areas of improvement, recommend improvements, implement changes, and help the business to see ROI if the relationship is to improve.

Most people that have worked in IT long enough, or dealt with IT long enough (or any other business typically presented on a consulting basis) have dealt with consultants who are only looking to “Stretch Contracts” – people that are only in the deal for incremental sales, and not real returns.

Immune can, and will, provide references to each potential client on current success stories. Our approach, as outlined in detail on this site, is to help make IT decisions that grow both of our businesses. This process starts with an evaluation that leverages our experience to save time, rather than waste.

We will, with your help, quickly answer these questions:

  • What is your current system setup on a broad level?
  • Are all your servers, computers, operating systems at a consistent technology level?
  • What area of technology do you feel would bring the largest ROI?
  • What is the quickest path to ROI?
  • What is the budget for technology improvements? The performance-contingent budget?
  • Are you a highly-regulated manufacturer? (Most of our customers are) What regulations do you comply with? What documentation can you provide

We can perform all technical aspects of initial System Evaluation – how old are the servers, what are specs, how old are the computers, what cloud services are you running, are there active databases, etc. Although these systems may vary wildly from business to business, an ROI-minded approach to selectively picking, improving, or replacing these systems will be the same for most manufacturers.

We understand business relationships are built on trust, and trust is not immediate. Some systems and areas of improvement may require additional time to evaluate and form recommendations. Fortunately, in our experience, there are areas of immediate improvement: organization, processes, efficiency – that apply to nearly all heavily-regulated manufacturers.


Is the initial evaluation free?

We are almost always happy to meet with new manufacturers for free. We are also happy to recommend quick areas of improvement.