Work from anywhere with Microsoft Office 365. Build a strong EDMS backbone with Windows Server 2016. We build cohesive solutions starting with strong infrastructure and leading to the Cloud.


Manage documents with QCBD. Clean up operations with Job Boss ERP. We specialize in solutions for regulated manufacturing industries like Medical Device and Pharmaceutical, Safety, and Defense.


Unify Sales, Marketing, and Service with Dynamics CRM. Post huge sales and cut costs with Shopify. We recommend and implement ROI-focused business solutions.


We specialize in systems for regulated manufacturers. Our expertise lets us pick a great ERP or EDMS, a great operating server platform, and a future-proof infrastructure.
The difference between an “IT Guy” and a Sundial IT Decision Maker is ROI. Decision makers select, plan, and implement systems that grow sales and increase quality of life for company employees.
Sundial is a Microsoft Partner that employs Microsoft Certified Professionals. We are also an approved partner for specialized EDMS systems.


Office 365

Office 365 is more than just Office and E-mail. Microsoft’s fastest-selling enterprise product ever can help grow your business with Cloud Storage and processing power, SharePoint Online, Project, Dynamics CRM, and more.

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CAMA Software’s Quality Collaboration By Design software is an excellent and affordable Electronic Document Management System for manufacturing companies. This software is the quickest path to digital docs, has no annual fee, and grows with your business via an optional SQL version.

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Shopify is the most complete website, web sales, and order processing platform available and the only web sales platform we recommend. Save thousands in custom coding, development, and hosting costs. Businesses with 200 products or less can be moved to Shopify in a month.

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  • Adam Daigneau, Senior IT Consultant, CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc.

    CGI staffs ~70k people worldwide, but we regularly work with local contractors when pursuing specialized projects.

    My division implemented customized ERP systems for Southern California regional airports from 2014-2016. The airline industry is heavily regulated, and we needed local consultants who could work with a wide range of existing server, network, and infrastructure systems while quickly learning and operating under required laws.

    Sundial was able to provide the expertise we required. Their dedication, and willingness to work on a performance-based schedule, is rare in the IT industry.

  • Daniel Hicks, Product Development Engineer, PFM Medical Inc

    In 2016 my department made the decision to implement Solidworks PDM server to gain greater control over CAD drawing revision, and supporting docs. Sundial completed all of the process, from server hardware selection and setup, to network improvements, SQL install and setup, and completing the PDM install. The ability to complete every part of the process, without other consultants or excessive management by internal employees, was, and is, Sundial's main selling point.

  • Conrad D. Frame, Full Stack Developer, DevLabTech

    From 2013 to 2015 my company, DevLabTech, was contracted to assist in the creation of a USB firewall solution to assist in HIPAA, DIACAP, DoD, and PCI compliance. The solution blocked unauthorized employees from saving files, running programs, or using batch operations via USB flash drives. The software was of particular use to hospital chains. The software operated in a Windows Active Directory environment.

    Our organization was not accustomed to working with Active Directory and related technologies as a traditional Linux developer. Sundial provided the expertise we needed to finish our software and design winning implementation plans. They are exceptional when it comes to demonstrating knowledge of medical regulations and working with medical device companies and their employees.


ROI-focused IT for regulated manufacturers.

I have two goals:

Stay challenged and grow our businesses.

While running a chain of computer repair stores for 7 years, I got the chance to work with different companies in different industries. I found working with manufacturing companies – people that build things – to be the most challenging and rewarding.
I started Sundial IT in 2015 to focus on working with and growing these businesses.

Our clients speak to the expertise of my assembled team of certified technicians.
Our working relationships are competitive and ROI-focused.

Let’s grow.